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Goalie Drills

The goalie plays an extremely important role on any field hockey team and has probably one of the hardest jobs of all. Luckily however the skill of effectively blocking goals from the opposing team is one that can be learnt and mastered by regularly performing field hockey goalie drills.

Not all goalie drills are created equal though. And that’s why we’ve set out to create the most comprehensive list of awesome goalkeeper drills online to help you and your team to win more matches!

The Post to Post Drill: One of the things that a goalie must get used to is the size of their goals. Familiarising themselves with the goal size will help them immensely in their goalkeeping abilities and this simple drill is designed to help them to do just that. Simply have the goalie stand 5 meters from the opposite goal and then have another player fire a ball at the opposite post. The goalie must then dive for the ball and try to deflect it by any means necessary.

Golf Ball Diving: This is a great field hockey drill that’s designed to improve a goalies ability to dive for the ball. The drill is performed by having the goalkeeper kneel down in front of the goals. A shooter then fires off around 20 golf balls on both sides of the goalie. The goalie must dive to catch each golf ball, quickly returning back to their original positional in front of the goals after each ball before the next one is fired.

Golf Ball Sticking: This drill is performed the same way as the previous drill except that the goalie must use their goalie stick to block all of the golf balls instead of diving for them. This is a great goalkeeper drill for improving hand-eye coordination and helps the goalie to become more effective with their goalie stick.

The Fast Break Drill: This is a dead simple drill that requires just two players for a bit of one on one action. One player runs straight towards the goalie trying to score a goal whilst the goalkeeper tries to defend without the aid of any other defenders around. Simple repeat this process over and over again and the goalie will become better and better at defending against the fast break.

The Prone to Save Drill: This is one of the best field hockey goalie drills out there for improving a goalies reaction time. Have the goalie lay down flat on their stomach in front of the goals and then have another player fire a shot at the goals. The goalkeeper must then quickly jump up to save the ball before it enters the net. This drill will help a goalie to get used to reacting with speed and will train their body to move quickly. To up the ante you can have two players fire shots at the same time.