Fun Hockey Drills

Field hockey is an extremely fun game and practice time should be fun too. You don’t need to simply perform the same old hockey drills and routines over and over again because there are a tonne of awesome and really fun hockey drills out there that you can implement into your practice routine to mix […]

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Hockey Passing Drills

Being able to pass to a team mate with speed and accuracy is one of the most fundamental skills involved in the game of field hockey and a team that is unable to pass between each other will have no chance at scoring goals. But never fear because the skill of passing can be learned […]

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Hockey Practice Drills

Like everything in life hockey requires a lot of practice before a player will become good at it. Luckily though there are a tonne of great field hockey practice drills out there that will make this process much more efficient and enjoyable and we’ve compiled a collection of some of the very best hockey practice […]

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Hockey Shooting Drills

Shooting is a skill that all players on the offensive must master and without it your team won’t be winning any hockey matches anytime soon. Below you’ll find a big selection of carefully crafted hockey shooting drills that will help players to pick up all of the skills required to shoot effectively and accurately every […]

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Hockey Drills for Kids

One of the best ways to help kids to learn to play hockey and pick up some of the games’ essential skills including shooting, passing and goalkeeping is through the repetition of these powerful field hockey drills for kids. These drills are designed to be fun and will put kids on the path to becoming […]

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Hockey Goalie Drills

The goalie plays an extremely important role on any field hockey team and has probably one of the hardest jobs of all. Luckily however the skill of effectively blocking goals from the opposing team is one that can be learnt and mastered by regularly performing field hockey goalie drills. Not all goalie drills are created […]

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